Argentina Birth Certificate Records: We Obtain Certificates of Children born in Buenos Aires and all the 23 Argentine Provinces.

Birth Certificate Records: We Obtain Certificates of Children born in Buenos Aires and all the 23 Argentine Provinces.

Birth Certificate is a vital record that documents the birth of a child. The term “birth certificate” can refer to either the original document certifying the circumstances of the birth or to a certified copy of or representation of the ensuing registration of that birth. Depending on the jurisdiction, a record of birth might or might not contain verification of the event by such as a midwife or doctor.

The documentation of births is a practice widely held throughout human civilization. The original purpose of vital statistics was for tax purposes and for the determination of available military manpower. Births were initially registered with churches, who maintained registers of births. This practice continued into the 19th century.

Most countries have statutes and laws that regulate the registration of births. In all countries, it is the responsibility of the mother’s physician, midwife, hospital administrator, or the parents of the child to see that the birth is properly registered with the appropriate government agency.

The right of every child to a name and nationality, and the responsibility of national governments to achieve this are contained in Articles 7 and 8 in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: “The child shall be registered immediately after birth and shall have the right from birth to a name, the right to acquire a nationality…” (CRC Article 7) and “States Parties undertake to respect the right of the child to preserve his or her identity, including nationality, name and family relations…” (CRC Article 8).

Birth registration opens the door to rights to children and adults which many other human beings take for granted: to prove their age; to prove their nationality; to receive healthcare; to go to school; to take exams; to be adopted; to protection from under-age military service or conscription; to marry; open a bank account; to hold a driving license; to obtain a passport; to inherit money or property; and to vote or stand for elected office.

“…it’s a small paper but it actually establishes who you are and gives access to the rights and the privileges, and the obligations, of citizenship” can obtain Birth Certificates for the following provinces:

  1.  Autonomous City of Buenos Aires
  2.  Buenos Aires Province
  3.  Catamarca
  4.  Chaco
  5.  Chubut
  6.  Córdoba
  7.  Corrientes
  8.  Entre Ríos
  9.  Formosa
  10.  Jujuy
  11.  La Pampa
  12.  La Rioja
  13.  Mendoza
  14.  Misiones
  15.  Neuquén
  16.  Río Negrob
  17.  Salta
  18.  San Juan
  19.  San Luis
  20.  Santa Cruz
  21.  Santa Fe
  22.  Santiago del Estero
  23.  Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Surc
  24.  Tucumán

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